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CHORDMASTER™ Chord Theory for Keyboard


Here is the TRUTH about learning chords for piano.

You DO NOT have to memorize the formula for each chord.
You DO NOT have to learn the treble clef.
You DO NOT have to learn to read notes.
You DO NOT have to look up chords one at a time on a device or computer.
You DO NOT have to memorize all the major scales.
You DO NOT have to memorize hundreds of chord pictures.

For LESS THAN the cost of ONE LESSON, you will learn what each part of a chord name means so that you can build ANY chord quickly and logically, understanding what you are building and exactly why you are using the notes you are using. You only need to know: 1.)  Where the notes are on the piano, 2.)  The steps used to find out the notes in major scales, and 3.)  Eight simple rules! The book shows you these and with these tools, I'll show you how to understand and make thousands of chords on the keyboard.

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Check out this testimonial. It says it all.

"It All Finally Makes Sense !!! I stumbled along for years trying to play the bass and treble clefs as my early teachers insisted I do but after memorizing just some of the rules and patterns; in one week I am playing ALL sheet music better than I ever thought possible and can now 'by ear' figure out most songs because once I figure out the root, I can build on it with the rules you provided." from Rad G.

I'm the author, Michael Ellis. I feel your pain. I can tell you that with my method you can learn how to make any chord, quickly and easily. Here's one example.

Put your right thumb on a C note. Now count up four notes, including the black keys, and you get an E note. Then count up three more notes from that note and you get a G note. Play those notes together and you get a C major chord. You can start on any note and count up three, then four, and you will be playing a major chord whose name is the name of the note you are playing with your right thumb. So now you can play ANY major chord. Just pick a note, count up four (be sure to count the black notes, too), then count up three and play them together. It's really that easy. And I've just taught you seventeen chords.

Since there are seventeen different note names, A A# Bb B C C# Db D D# Eb E F F# Gb G G# Ab, then for each rule you learn, you know how to make seventeen more chords. By combining rules you get even more, instantly. The plain truth is that this is the most concise, yet most complete, method ever created for learning ALL the chords on the piano.

You can see what you will learn by clicking HERE.

Adam E. Maroney writes, "Mike Ellis' Chordmaster Chord Theory for Keyboard is a MUST have if you are an aspiring non-classical pianist. In just a few, brief pages, Mr. Ellis explains how chords are constructed and he takes away the mystery of music theory. By understanding how chords are constructed, you'll be able to make ANY chord on the spot because you understand them. Mr. Ellis' program totally puts an end to the practice of memorizing hand positions from chord charts because when you simply memorize hand positions, you don't understand chords. In just a few hours, you'll be able to play THOUSANDS of chords off the top of your head because you understand how they're constructed. This opens the door to a world of musical possibilities, especially if you aspire to play from fake books (lead sheets). The Chordmaster Chord Theory for Keyboard changed my life by making the piano fully accessible to me...I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!! You should buy the book TODAY!!"

Rev. Paul Aiello Jr. says, "I have several aids to learning chords and this one has proven very helpful. I recommend it for the beginner."

Marcin Slezak says, "I could find my way to the major and minor chords before reading this book, but this book really gave me the best walkthrough to suspended, augumented and diminished chords and how to find and remember these. Easy to read and written so you'll quickly catch on. I have read quite many books on music theory and this really delivers what it promises. Highly recommended."

ababa says, "This is an excellent book. Very easy to understand. I think this book is a direct approach to harmony that enable any one to built chords, not matter how complicated they could be."

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Rad G. from Tennessee.
Thanks Rad.

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Ancient Spice wrote this comment: "I learned more in an hour with this teaching book than I did with a dozen others over 2 months. Don't wait! Get it before the price goes up. Worth a hundred quid of any beginner's money. Having re-thought it. 200 quid."